Donation made in memory of Norman Ramsey

Posted on: July 30, 2014

In Memory of Norman Ramsey .  .  .  .

Norm Ramsey PhotoThe Owasso FUMC United Methodist Men (UMM) have chosen to honor the memory of their late friend and brother-in-Christ, through a donation to Engineers-In-Action. Norman would be honored to help EIA and the UMM are honored to be able to help this wonderful mission. The UMM hold an annual golf tournament in memory of Norman and this year’s proceeds have allowed us to make this donation.

Norman was the youngest of five children grew up in a Christian home in Tulsa, OK (Dawson) & served 32 years in the USAF.

Norman was a great man of faith. He knew from a young age God was always near him. He was a natural care-giver always willing to pitch in and help whenever and wherever he was needed.

Norman always had that little boy smile on his face, he loved making others smile. If someone was having a bad day, his saying was always “This too shall pass”.

This was a man who came from humble beginnings and he never lost his sense of humility. He never failed to donate funds that help the poor and down and out.

From his wife Juanita:

“I look in every area of our church and see the things he did to make our church better. The crosses and kneeling benches always touch my heart. Even Bishop Hayes noticed the kneeling benches (made by Norman). I could go on forever and maybe write a book on this wonderful man God allowed me to call my husband for a short 8 ½ years, but this last thing to me describes Norman Ramsey; There are some who bring a light so great to this world that even after they are gone, the light remains.”

From David: “What an incredible way to be known: ‘There are some who bring a light so great to this world that even after they are gone, the light remains.’ I never got the opportunity to meet Norman, but you can just see in the love of his wife, and the love and respect that he held with the United Methodist Men’s Group at Owasso, that he truly was a great light. Engineers in Action is honored to receive this gift in memory of Mr. Ramsey. And we will use it to spread his light, and to give life to dozens of children who will never know the name, but will see and know the light and the gift of life which he brought to them and their community. Thank you Mrs. Ramsey, the Owasso United Methodist Men, and especially thank you to Norman Ramsey for letting your light shine upon this world in the short time you were here.”

David Stephenson, Executive Director Engineers in Action

La Paz, Bolivia, July 30, 2014