Yulo, Calcha, Aripalca

Posted on: August 25, 2016



Community: Yulo, Calcha, Aripalca
Coordinates: 20d28’19.49″s 65d28’56.58″w
Dept.: Potosi
Type of Project: Hygiene workshops
Population Benefited: 200 people
Partners: United Methodist Committee on Relief – UMCOR
Project Manager: Aleine Heredia

The UMOCOR GRANT second project objective focused on (WASH) Health Promotion has been applied in the communities of Yulo, Calcha, Aripalca in addition to seven other communities located by the Juckucha river: Totoca, Vásquez, Arana, Chosco, Turuyoj, Basualdo and Quiquila (Potosi)..

Each community received health and hygiene training workshops that included:

  • Participatory community elaboration of risk maps. (Community diagnosis of current situation).
  • Household hygiene practices (protection of their food, kitchen utensils protection, safe storage of drinking water).
  • Safe water consumption (SODIS and boiled water).
  • Elaboration of action plans of each community.
  • Home visits with the accompaniment of Health staff from the Health Post and Health committees to monitor the commitments of their action plans.

Activities within the action plans of the community:

  • Demonstration of the construction and use of portable hand washers (with PET bottles).
  • Construction and of use of latrines.
  • Community cleanups.
  • Designation and placement of a garbage pit.
  • Demonstration of the construction and use of garbage cans.

Activities with the schools of Calcha, Yulo and Aripalca (elementary and high school):

  • Implementation of ‘Sanitation Corners’ in each class with portable hand washers and garbage cans.
  • School cleanups.

All these activities were accompanied by community meetings with community leaders to achieve project impact on communities and in coordination with health personnel and teaching staff of the schools.