Teneria Manzanani

Posted on: December 23, 2016

Community: Teneria Manzanani, Bolivia
Coordinates:  15°46’21.94″S  68°38’29.25″W
Project Stage: South Florida University
Population Benefited: 92

Teneria Manzanani is a combination of two rural communities totaling 92 people. The community members chose to combine after struggling to self-sustain separately. Both communities are primarily supported by farming and livestock. Unfortunately, Teneria Manzanani lacks any type of sanitation system or a designated area for elimination, often contaminating the areas near their homes, including crops and water used for farming and animals.

A sanitation system must be researched, planned and implemented to ensure community members are not contaminating current water sources, the food chain, or themselves. A future micro irrigation system has also been discussed, but will not be implemented until the health of the community is prioritized.

Click here to read the full Teneria Manzanani application.

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