Llojlla Grande

Posted on: January 24, 2017

Community: Llojlla Grande
Coordinates: -17°25’39.36”; – 67°35’15.36”
Dept.: La Paz
Type of Project: Water System, including well
Project Stage: Implementation in progress
Population Benefited: 102 in phase I
Funding Source: Southern Methodist University EWB
Partners/EWB Chapter: Southern Methodist University EWB
Project Manager: Luz Hurtado

The project includes the implementation of a water system of the north part of Llojlla Grande community, for that is going to be drilled a well in the following coordinates: Latitude: -17°25’11.64”; Longitude: – 67°35’15.72”, the deep of the well is around 70 meters. The implementation trip is predicted for January of 2017 and for that the plans is to be done the complete process for the conclusion of the well and the team plans to build the well house and the foundation of storage tank.