Cerro Verde

Posted on: February 7, 2017

Community: Cerro Verde
Coordinates: 0°51’01.0″S 80°23’46.0″W
Type of Project: Water
Project Stage: Seeking partners
Population Benefited: 450
Partners: Needed

Without access to clean water, the community of Cerro Verde struggles with many health and sanitation issues. This community is very eager to work with Engineers in Action to install a water distribution system that will allow the entire community to water their crops, have healthy drinking water and much more. According to the EIA project manager, the dedication of the community to seeing this project to fruition is because to them, water is life.

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Paja Colorada

Posted on: February 7, 2017

Water delivery truck - Paja Colorada

Community: Paja Colorada, Ecuador
Coordinates: 0.51.46 S, 80.23.17 W
Project Stage: Assessment
Population Benefited: 500 people

Paja Colorada is located in the tropical region of Ecuador, which has a number of bugs that can contaminate water sources. The women of the community stressed the difficulty obtaining and keeping clean water in their homes or nearby at a community meeting, sharing that the lack of access to natural water nearby means they must purchase water from a water tank truck pictured above. Storing the water is difficult and the women often face issues keeping enough water, and keeping what water the have contaminate-free. Engineers in Action will work to design and implement a water system that brings water to the community, which is centered closely together. With one water system an entire community will very easily be able to access clean, contaminate-free water.

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Chua Cocani

Posted on: December 23, 2016

Community: Chua Cocani, Bolivia
Coordinates:  16°11’33.19″S  68°44’33.42″W
Project Stage: Partners Needed
Population Benefited: 900+ People

Engineers in Action has two available projects in the community of Chua Cocani, a rural town just out side of La Paz near Lake Titicaca.

Over 900 people reside in the community without any access to sanitation services such as solid waste management, resulting in contamination of the nearby lake and streams, and posing a risk to public health. A team is needed to travel to Chua Cocani and gather data to support a sanitation services plan for the community, starting with solid waste management. The potential for this project is vast, so an ideal partnership would be with a team dedicated to spending at least 1 month in the community. This project would be ideal for potential University Immersion Program partners. Click here to see the Chua Cocani partnership outline.

During a previous visit to discuss the sanitation issues, EIA staff noticed unsafe play equipment near the local school. According to local leaders, the population of nearly 200 children do not have a safe place to play and often find rope to tie to trees in an attempt to simulate a swing. Research shows that play is of the utmost importance to the cognitive development of children and therefore is a huge priority to support EIA’s overall mission: increase the capacity of local individuals and families so that they may live prosperous, healthy lives. To that end, EIA is seeking a team of volunteers to travel to Chua Cocani to install a repurposed playground sourced from Rockford, Illinois. Click here to learn more about EIA’s Playground Projects.