Basic info:

Engineers in Action is hosting the 2016 Clean Water Fast, where individuals will abstain from everything except sanitary, easily-accessible water for 36 hours.

  • Fasters will create an online donation page here:
  • Fasters will call on their friends and family to support their pledge via donations to their pages, all of which are listed here:
  • Use this link to share the Clean Water Fast donation page with all fasters and additional information on the event:
  • Some fasters are part of a “team” of individuals working to raise money for their EWB or professional org that will retain 50% of the donations they receive to use toward their travel expenses on an upcoming trip to Bolivia for an EIA-hosted project.
  • Tag EIA with @EngineersinAction on Facebook or Twitter
  • Use #CleanWaterFast
  • Official event name: 2016 Clean Water Fast: Water is life!
  • Videos are available here:

Suggested posts:

  • I just started a fundraiser for @EngineersInAction’s 2016 #CleanWaterFast! Help me reach my goal and help EIA give #cleanwater to those in need. #WaterIsLife
  • I gave 36 hours so that @EngineersinAction can give clean water to those in need. What will you give? Sponsor my #CleanWaterFast pledge now: <INSERT LINK TO PERSONAL PAGE
  • You all are amazing! Just received another donation for my #CleanWaterFast fundraiser for @EngineersinAction. Check out my progress and help me reach my goal now! <INSERT LINK TO PERSONAL PAGE>
  • I just donated to @EngineersinAction’s #CleanWaterFast because <INSERT YOUR REASON>. Go here to make your donation now: <INSERT LINK TO PERSONAL PAGE>

Suggested tasks:

  • Announce your fundraiser on Facebook or Twitter and share your personal reason for fasting.
  • Post about the fundraiser  as often as you’d like leading up the fast, specifically asking for donations prior to Oct. 13. Thank/tag your supporters for their donations as they happen.
  • Post updates when you start the fast and as many progress updates as you feel comfortable with until the fast is over.
  • After the fast, share a personal description of how the fast went (did you make it 36 hours?) and make a last call to donate to your campaign before it closes.
  • Follow up with a final thank you to everyone who supported you and info on what you raised.
  • Invite a specific group of friends to a private virtual “event” via Facebook as an alternative to posting/sharing on your wall (or do a little of both!) How To Guide available here.
  • Share posts from the Engineers in Action Facebook page on your personal wall or on your event page’s wall