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 Both of these positions are volunteer unpaid positions. Consequently, the volunteers will have to raise their own support for these internships. FIEA/EIA will assist you in your fund-raising efforts and give you guidance in raising the money (see estimated budget below).

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Engineers in Action/Fundacion Ingenieros En Accion (EIA/FIEA) is a non-profit organization which hires full-time Bolivian engineers to develop partnerships with North American organizations to do basic infrastructure projects in rural indigenous communities in Bolivia. EIA/FIEA partners with Rotary Clubs, Bolivian and US Universities, Habitat for Humanity/Bolivia, and the Bolivian Government. One of our primary partners is with Engineer Without Borders-USA chapters. We currently are the ‘in-country partner’ for 16 EWB-USA chapters working in Bolivia.

Interns will be working with our engineers to develop and facilitate EWB, Rotary or other projects throughout Bolivia. On EWB projects, we develop the project and fill out the 501 application, provide all of the logistics and communications for EWB teams, purchase materials, work to get ‘counterpart’ support (partial financial support) from local governments, make trips to the communities between EWB trips to facilitate the project and do the follow up and sustainability of the projects once the EWB teams leave.

An internship with EIA will allow you to build upon your experience with EWB or other overseas work, and facilitate those experiences for dozens of more young engineers. In addition, because your work will allow EIA to develop and facilitate more projects, your internship will mean that additional communities in Bolivia will have potable water, sanitation or irrigation and lives will be saved.

You will be living and working with the poorest of the poor. Bolivia is the poorest country in South America, and we are beginning to focus on projects in the 30 poorest counties in Bolivia. And yet Bolivia is a stunningly beautiful country with amazing hard working and welcoming people. This experience will change your life forever.

EIA is open to receiving applications from anyone who is interested in applying. However, preference will be given to those who meet these standards:

  • A minimum of 6 month commitment, (March-August preferable) although we are open to commitments of up to one year.
  • Engineering School Senior or Graduate
  • Good to Excellent Spanish Language skills
  • Can drive and will get an international license
  • Drives Manual transmission vehicles
  • Has Administrative skills
  • AutoCad/MicroStation/GIS preferred
  • Practical surveying knowledge preferred
  • Preferred, but not limited to civil, environmental, chemical, agricultural, mechanical or electrical engineers. However, others will be considered.
  • Can raise their own money for support. EIA fund raising is focused on providing for the salaries for our Bolivian full-time engineers and for vehicles. Consequently, preference will go to those applicants who can raise their own funding. EIA will help you in your fund raising providing you with brochures, web access, and information which you can use to pass on to potential donors.
  • Interns must also be willing to work in very adverse conditions. Depending upon which project you will be working on, you may be high in the cold Andes Mountains, or low in the hot Upper Amazon River Basin of Bolivia. You will travel some by public buses between cities. You will spend some time with work teams at the sites, in sleeping bags and sleeping on the ground. Our offices are functional and adequate, but not nice and plush. The work often requires very long hours, but there will also be time for recreation and sight-seeing.
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