SnoBill Strosnider, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering at Saint Francis University; Director of Center for Watershed Research & Service, Ebensburg, PA

Dr. William (Bill) Strosnider is an Ecological Engineer with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Dayton, M.S. in Environmental Studies from the College of Charleston, and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Oklahoma. Bill is an Associate Professor in the Environmental Engineering program at Saint Francis University.

Bill’s research emphasis has been identifying water quality issues and advancing sustainable engineering solutions to improve human and ecosystem health, on which he has authored over two dozen publications and five dozen conference presentations.

Bill is also the Director of the Center for Watershed Research & Service, which provides technical assistance and manpower to international and domestic nonprofits focused on watershed restoration.

Bill has served on various development projects in Peru, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti. But, Bolivia is where he continues to be inextricably drawn; due to a love of the country and its people, deep connections with partners such as Professor Freddy Llanos of the Universidad Autonoma de Tomas Frias, and the excellent project facilitation of EIA. Dr. Strosnider leads the Project for the Restoration of Rio Juckucha in partnership with EIA.

He has been a board member since 2011, is married with a wife (Kristina) and two children (Will and Athena)…and has been to Bolivia more times than he can remember!