Chua Cocani Playground Implementation

  • Destination: Chua Cocani, Bolivia
  • Project Type: Playground (Click here to learn more about EIA’s Playground Projects.)
  • Project Leader: Rod Beadle
  • Project Duration: 7-10 days
  • Possible Dates: TBD
  • Deadline to Apply: TBD
  • Approximate Cost: $550 per person
  • Technical positions available:
    • Construction (2)
  • Non-technical positions available:
    • Photographer/Videographer (1)
    • No specific skill set required (12)

Travel to an indigenous Aymaran village high in the Andes mountains and be a part of one of EIA’s most exciting volunteer opportunities yet – our inaugural playground installation. Stay in the community for up to 10 days, living and working side by side with some of the most kind and gentile people in the world. Work with EIA staff, other volunteers and community members as a team to plan, prepare and install a playground, recycled and brought over from the U.S. Some manual labor is expected. Conclude your trip with a traditional celebration christening your hard work, led by your new friends in Chua Cocani.

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