Engineers In Action Bolivian Internship Report

Posted on: September 25, 2008

Bolivian Internship Report

Our Bolivian intern, Chayla Rowley, talks about her work in Bolivia this summer:

"I had the opportunity to examine relationships grow to fruitful outcomes in Potosí. EIA teamed up with a group from the University of Oklahoma to hold a course on Passive Water Treatment Systems. The course was held in the University of Potosí and was a joint effort on the parts of the University of Oklahoma and the University of Potosí."

"Students, me included, were taught of the devastating outcomes of mine contaminants on water and how to build and use Passive Water Treatment Systems for managing these contaminants."

"I also had the chance to accompany the Oklahoma University team in their field work outside of the classroom. As a Civil Engineering Major with a focus on Water and Sanitation Engineering I was most interested in the water contamination from the mines scattered throughout Potosí."

"I helped collect water samples, read pH, and learned the meaning of the different pH’s in respect to contamination in the water. In addition I gained a general knowledge of the affects of the contaminants on the land and in the crops, which explained a great deal about the communities’ health issues and sanitation problems."

"My experience in Bolivia gave me a greater comprehension of various aspects of civil engineering and a better grasp on the importance of collaboration. The work being done in Bolivia and those working on it are incredible testaments to growth, and the education and insights I received are information I will continue to pull from…"

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