Our Bolivian Rotary Connection

Posted on: January 25, 2009

The MiraFlores Rotary Club

The Rotary Club of Mira Flores (a neighborhood in La Paz) has agreed to be our "Bolivian Connection" to Rotary Clubs throughout Bolivia. EWB chapters often raise money from Rotary Clubs in the US but need to partner with an "in-country" Rotary Club to get additional funding from Rotary International and additional support from the clubs.

We asked the Rotary Club of Mira Flores to be the partner for the Rotary Clubs of Kansas who are supporting the EWB-KU team. But they went even further!

Rotary Mira Flores has said that they will coordinate partnerships for any EWB chapter that needs a Bolivian Rotary Club `partner.They will try to match up a Bolivian club which is closest to the where the EWB project is. This should greatly facilitate fund-raising from Rotary Clubs in the US.

In addition to that, we discussed with the MiraFlores Club the possibility of supporting the fund raising efforts of the EWB-UMSA (Universidad Major de San Andres of La Paz). Unfortunately, there isn´t a culture of donating to good causes by Bolvian individuals and Bolvian businesses.

The Rotary Clubs of Bolivia are trying to change that. Fund raising by the Bolivian Engineering students of UMSA has been very difficult. They made a great presentation of their joint work at Azacilo with EWB-KU to the Mira Flores Rotary and really impressed these business men and women. They will be speaking as a club about how they might help fund the costs for these young bolivian engineers.

If your EWB chapter is raising money from a US Rotary Club for a project in Bolivia and they need a Bolivian Rotary Club to partner with, contact David Stephenson by email at: tulsadstephenson (at) yahoo.com

Thanks to all of the Rotarians who are helping EWB and EIA. “Service Above Self”