Thoughts on 2010 Board Retreat

Posted on: August 9, 2010

Most mornings, since I’ve gotten my strange new job, before dawn, I get up and do a private worship service. I sit on my back porch, turn on our little fountain so I can hear the water, the Living Water splash over my life; and I light a fire in our chimnea; even in the heat of this week. I sing. I read a chapter in the Bible. I pray. And God comes to me.

This morning, we were talking about the EIA Board retreat, when one of the little burning logs in the chimnea rolled away from the others, and stopped burning. “This is what happens when you go it alone, Dave. You may be the brightest burning log, but without others, your flame will die out.”

What an inspiration you were to me last Saturday. 15 very busy people, from 3 states; and several more from 3 more states who would have been there except for very significant scheduling problems; came together and spent a whole day, learning, planning dreaming of EIA. There have been so many times that I felt alone, battling all by myself to keep EIA going. But EIA is maturing. Your vision out strips mine:

 A concensus that EIA is here to stay, long after I’m gone; and our need to start an Endowment.

Adding engineers and interns.

Adding projects.

And increasingly you have taken the load off me. 5 committees met at once, and I didn’t attend any of them! I spent that hour walking around, eating, and resting. Aaron insisting that all committee reports go to Rebecca and SHE will compile them and send them to me. Rebecca insisting on taking the newsprint so SHE can type it up to send out. The Finance, Operations, Publicity, Board Development, and “Whatever” committees all developing amazing ideas and visions for EIA.

I’m . . . . . . ummmm overwhelmed and thankful.

In the next week or two, Rebecca will compile all of this and we will send it out to you; and put it on the website for everyone to see. But today, I just want to say thank you. . . . .  .  You keep my fire burning!!!!

David Stephenson, Executive Director, Engineers In Action