UMCOR Announces Grant to EIA

Posted on: March 8, 2012

“The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is pleased to support Engineers in Action projects in Bolivia. With this support, Engineers in Action will provide potable water to communities in need, build sanitation facilities, and provide education to the communities on the use of eco-latrines, among other projects.” Rebecca Dobbins UMCOR.

This is the third year for UMCOR to support EIA. Only this year they have increased the Grant from $9,800 in 2011 to $20,000 in 2012-2013. This may be the last year for a grant from them. UMCOR’s primary mission is to do short term disaster relief. They seldome get involved in long-term development issues. But because of our connections with UMCOR and the real respect that we have gained from them, they have continued to support EIA.

UMCOR’s grant will cover 80% of the cost for two EIA Engineers: Milton de la Cruz and Marcos Robison. Your donations help to pay the rest.

Milton de la Cruz works on three projects. His primary project is at Erquis Sud, near Tarija in southern Bolivia. This is an exciting joint project between EIA, Habitat for Humanity Bolivia, and EWB-Missouri University of Science and Technology. Habitat is building 100 homes for the homeless on the outskirts of the major city of Tarija. They asked EIA to help bring electricity, water, erosion control and sanitation to the new village. And EIA recruited EWB-S&T. This partnership has done remarkable work bringing electricity and putting in a water distribution system. They have also built giant gabions to help with erosion control without which the community could have been wiped out. They are hoping to complete the deep well within a few months.

Milton is also responsible for the Konani Water Well which was first put in place in 1993 by my family and still working. We are in negotiations to rehabilitate that well, and put in another one in a joint venture between EIA, the Municipality of Konani, Tulsa Southside Rotary Club, and the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia.

Milton’s other project is with EWB-Purdue in Papachacra to bring potable water.

Marcos Robison is responsible for the Cotani Project with EWB-Tulsa University and EWB-Oklahoma East Professionals bringing eco-latrines to the village; Suncallo with EWB-Colorado Springs Professionals bringing potable water; a new project beginning in a few months at Marquirivi with EWB-Arizona University to bring irrigation; and Kincucirca/Sorata with EWB-University of California at Davis to bring potable water. Marcos is also working with our on-going project at Inca Katarapi.

If you would like to help with the remaining costs (about $2,000 each) for these two engineers, you can donate online here,