Staff Mtg Oct 8 2012

Posted on: October 8, 2012

Key Discussions:

Erquis: Milton has returned from Erquis. All went well for the geo-electric survey last week. Should get report from Codafena on Thursday.

Tacachia: Milton tried to go to Tacachia for a meeting with the Municipal leadership but the community’s car broke down on the way, and our staff is swamped and unable to take them today. The meeting will have to be rescheduled.

Konani: Lauren has the Scope of Work for Konani and is translating it with the help of Marcos. The Advance Team is ready to go on Wednesday. Lauren will also be contacting the driller/geo-electric guy who studied Konani. He is a geologist. Will be talking to him about the water table issues and whether the sub-terranian water is static or dymanic in and around Konani. And start figuring out what studies need to be made or does he already have enough data (He says he has done many wells in this area.) Info to be passed to Rick and the Ponca team.

Yarvacoya: Univ. Memphis is coming on Thursday and headed to Yarvacoya in Bolivar Municipality on Friday. Afnan will be with them. A second group arrives on Saturday and Marcos will take on Sunday. They staying for 10 days which seems way too long to us, but they think they will need it. Afnan, with the help of Marcos, are getting everything prepared for their arrival.

New Bolivar Projects and discussion about how poor is too poor: See blog elsewhere.

Marquirivi: Marcos will be meeting with Arizona and Andrea to look at a redesign of the irrigation project they are doing. They are concerned about the seismagraphic activity in the area and need to take that into consideration. He has meeting with them today. P

Pampoyo: VMI, the Miraflores Rotary Club and Afnan worked for several months to prepare documents for Rotary International to fund the second and third projects of VMI in Pampoyo: Latrines and a Women’s Center, for $28,000. There were problems at R.I. and they lost the paperwork. So Afnan will have to spend some time helping to re-create and re-send the application.


Milton and Afnan FINALLY have their health card and are covered with health insurance.

Hope to get our Tax Exemption letter signed by the government this week.

Will check with the Ministry of Labor about our labor contracts. They had some concerns.

Froilan plans on having Septembers financials ready at the end of this week.