Two worlds on one island

Posted on: December 18, 2015

It seems that whenever there is a major disaster in the world, EIA’s Executive Director, Rod Beadle, is there. He has served as a water, sanitation, and hygiene specialist in the aftermath of numerous disasters in the developing world including the Haiti Cholera Outbreak, Pakistan’s Indus River Flooding, Horn of Africa Drought, Sierra Leone Choloera Outbreak, and the Philippines Tsunami.
Rod in Zorzor_ Liberia 2014
In 2014 when the whole world was living in extreme fear of the Ebola disease and people were being evacuated, Rod was on a helicopter in Liberia flying to the center of the region where the Ebola epidemic first broke out to build a medical clinic.
Samos Refugee Detention Center
Last Sunday, Dec 13, Rod left for the Greek Island of Samos to volunteer with an international relief organization to support water, sanitation and hygiene provisions for refugee transit camps. The refugees are crossing over to the island as they flee war and strife in their homelands in places like Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and North Africa. He will even spend Christmas there, working to provide families with basic necessities that we take for granted like clean water, adequate shelter, and safe sanitation facilities. He truly believes “Clean Water Shouldn’t be a Luxury!”
When others run away in fear from conflict and disaster; when they turn away from victims from other countries; Rod runs toward them to do all that he can to help! That’s why I invited Rod to consider becoming our new Executive Director.
Follow Rod’s blog to see pictures and hear his thoughts during December at: