Posted on: August 25, 2016


Community: Aripalca
Coordinates: S 20.554444 W 65.491389
Dept.: Potosi
Type of Project: Irrigation
Project Stage: Implementation
Population Benefited: 120 Families
Funding Source: University of Florida
Partners/EWB Chapter: University of Florida, EWB
Project Manager: Ricardo Condori

The University of Florida EWB chapter has been partnered with Aripalca for four years, in hopes of helping improve their irrigation system. This system suffers water loss due to damage from frequent flooding. The main goal of this project is to repair the channel walls, therefore strengthening water flow.

Increasing the water will allow a stronger crop yield as well as help equally redistribute water amongst the community. The team is also in the process of building a Gabion wall to further protect the channel from damage.