Puerto Pando

Posted on: August 25, 2016


Community: Puerto Pando
Coordinates: 15d25’4.08”s   67d36’4.32”w
Dept.: La Paz
Type of Project: Water Project
Project Stage: Assessment
Population Benefited: 90 people
Funding Source: Missouri University S&T, EWB
Partners/EWB Chapter: Missouri University S&T, EWB
Project Manager: Juan Antonio Chinchilla

During the trip, the team also surveyed the land, tested water quality, and spoke with the community about what they most desired within their area. Over the next few years, the goal is to help build a sustainable storage tank, sedimentation tank, water conveyance line, pipeline suspension bridge, and water distribution system.Located deep within the Amazon jungle, Missouri S&T started their first assessment trip to Puerto Pando in June 2016. The team quickly realized that the community had a lot of problems with their water system. For example, their wooden tank was leaking and rotten, and their piping was insufficient to meet the needs of the entire community.