Yulo, Calcha, Airipalca

Posted on: August 25, 2016

Community: Yulo, Calcha and Airipalca
Dept.: Potosi
Type of Project: Health and Hygiene Workshops
Project Stage: Training
Population Benefited: 1,265 people
Funding Source: UMCOR Health Promotion
Partners/EWB Chapter: UMCOR Health Promotion
Project Manager: Aleine

This project is EIA’s pilot health and hygiene project. It starts with workshops to promote different health and hygiene techniques. The next stage are the follow up surveys to ensure the community is adopting the principals taught in the workshops.

This project is part of a larger program whose main objective is to improve environmental and personal health within the Juckucha river basin area. This area has been adversely affected by mining. At the end of the project, we will re-evaluate to see what can be done differently and to integrate it into water system projects in the future.