EIA hosts 2016 Clean Water Fast Oct. 13-15

Posted on: October 5, 2016

Next week, dozens of Engineers in Action supporters will come together across the nation for a 36 hour fast. Participants will abstain from everything except water to highlight the ease of access, cleanliness and safety of water sources found in our communities.

“We so often take for granted the water that comes out of our tap, or the ability to go grab a water bottle from your corner convenience store,” said Rod Beadle, executive director of Engineers in Action. “We serve populations in Latin America who have to travel miles to get access to any water at all, and the vast majority of the time the water they do access is unclean with a high risk of water-borne illness.”

The fast is an opportunity to raise awareness for EIA’s cause while simultaneously raising funds for the organization and its partners traveling to Bolivia and Ecuador to provide infrastructure and leadership to communities in need.

“We offer sustained support, with partnerships that require ongoing financial backing and a physical presence,” Beadle said. “We have teams traveling their regularly, and a number of staff permanently placed in or near the communities we work in.”

EIA is encouraging anyone who might be interested to sign up for the fast now.

“It’s a very simple way to connect with EIA’s mission, and every penny makes a huge impact on our continued growth,” Beadle said.

EIA has an office in La Paz, Bolivia that services 26 projects across the country, with planned expansion into Ecuador in 2017.

To sign up to fast, click here. To sign up to donate to a faster’s campaign, click here. For more information on the fast, click here.