25 de Diciembre

Posted on: December 22, 2016


Community: 25 de diciembre, Ecuador
Project Stage: Partners Needed
Population Benefited: 1,300 people

25 de diciembre is a community in Ecuador that struggles with access to sanitary water. The women in the community must travel very long distances to fetch water and shared with EIA staff that water access is an urgent need. Community members previously developed their own rudimentary water system that mostly consisted of multiple hoses connected together to attempt to bring water from a spring far away into the community. Unfortunately, this solution did not prove beneficial to most of the community and did not provide a long-term solution to the issue. Engineers in Action is working to identify a permanent water source along with options for storage and distribution. Community members will be trained on maintenance and upkeep to ensure the implementations remain efficient and usable.

Click here to see the full 25 de Diciembre application. This is an EWB-approved program.

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