Posted on: December 23, 2016

Community: Yuka, Bolivia
Coordinates:  15°38’6.49″S  69° 8’7.83″W
Project Stage: Partners Needed
Population Benefited: 450 Families

Residents in Yucka, Bolivia currently utilize the nearest open field as their primary restroom, resulting in disease in a number of the community inhabitants. Engineers in Action is seeking volunteers to travel to the community and assess, design and implement a solution such as eco latrines that will prevent the local children and families from illness.

The local community is knowledgeable of common sanitation protocol, yet lacks the infrastructure needed to practice them. Nearly 500 individuals will benefit from this project, which will be maintained and supported by the local community. Their ongoing involvement increases their capacity while simultaneously ensuring the implementations remain active, usable and beneficial.

Click here to read the Yuka application.

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