Casa Quemada

Posted on: January 24, 2017


Community: Casa Quemada, Ecuador
Project Stage: Partners Needed
Population Benefited: 1,610 people

Casa Quemada is located in the Cotopaxi Province of Ecuador, high in the mountains. The local community is in desperate need of better access to water, which will allow them to grow enough crops to support the community, something they currently struggle with. A rudimentary system designed by locals is currently in place, however community leaders recognize that the current system is not sufficient. It does not provide access to all community members and it does not include any sort of storage capacity. Engineers in Action plans to put a water system in place that will mainly service the most densely populated, central area of the community, where the school and health center are located, and possibly expand the system later.

Click here to see the full Casa Quemada application.

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