Paja Colorada

Posted on: February 7, 2017

Water delivery truck - Paja Colorada

Community: Paja Colorada, Ecuador
Coordinates: 0.51.46 S, 80.23.17 W
Project Stage: Assessment
Population Benefited: 500 people

Paja Colorada is located in the tropical region of Ecuador, which has a number of bugs that can contaminate water sources. The women of the community stressed the difficulty obtaining and keeping clean water in their homes or nearby at a community meeting, sharing that the lack of access to natural water nearby means they must purchase water from a water tank truck pictured above. Storing the water is difficult and the women often face issues keeping enough water, and keeping what water the have contaminate-free. Engineers in Action will work to design and implement a water system that brings water to the community, which is centered closely together. With one water system an entire community will very easily be able to access clean, contaminate-free water.

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