Special Edition: World Water Day 2017

Posted on: March 22, 2017

Special edition: World Water Day 2017

Today, caring individuals around the globe will come together to raise awareness of the global water crisis, and raise support for the organizations working to eradicate the many diseases, burdens and threats tied to the issue. To learn more about the United Nations-sponsored World Water Day efforts, go to worldwaterday.org.

The reverse ripple effect: how EIA hopes to change lives

A staggering 663 million people around the globe lack access to water near their home, spending a ridiculous amount of time trekking to and from distant water sources carrying buckets and jugs of water back to their families. This burden most often falls to women and children, especially young girls, who miss school to help gather water.

Once the water is secured from a distant source, the family then uses the water for a multitude of tasks, including drinking and cooking. Unfortunately, this water is most often contaminated, likely causing any number of water-borne illnessesand possibly even death. Plus, there typically is not enough water to meet all of the families’ needs, such as watering crops. Without water to irrigate the crops, the family consumes a limited diet that lacks the diversity needed for proper nutrition. As you can see, the adverse effects of this global epidemic continue on with a ripple effect that can only be reversed one way: make clean, safe water easily accessible to all.

With your help, Engineers in Action can help make that change. Your support allows us to send more teams to more villages to build more water wells and tanks that will provide safe water to more schools, homes and communities.

Engineers in Action can change lives. 
Will you help?


A note from Rod: Meet Ruben

If you follow EIA’s Facebook page or frequent our website, you’ve seen Ruben. He’s the sweet 8-year-old boy grinning adorably in our World Water Day graphic and on engineersinaction.org‘s home page. Ruben is actually kind of shy at first (not surprising), but quickly turns into quite the ham (also not that surprising). He is kind, caring, a good big brother and extremely nimble on mountain-side paths high in the Andean mountains.

Ruben is one of the many children EIA volunteers and staff have the absolute joy of meeting while visiting the remote villages where we work. Like many of the children we meet, Ruben doesn’t care what language you speak. He giggles as he leads the way, rambles on about things, oblivious to your utter lack of understanding. Children like Ruben are so quick to welcome visitors and quick to try new things, like washing hands or using a water pump. They are our first friends.

I’m very proud to work for an organization that the indigenous people trust. Most often, these villages reach out to us for assistance. In these rural areas, word of mouth is king, and I’m ecstatic to see Engineers in Action grow – not due to our infiltration of secluded communities – but due to the relationships we’ve built with our ongoing program communities, and our ability to live up to our promise: we’re here for the long haul. They come to us with a need, we help them find a solution and we stay involved until they don’t need us anymore. It’s that simple.

So, when I meet children like Ruben, I think about him many years from now, serving as his village’s mayor and meeting with Engineers in Action about what’s next. What can we do next to help better their lives? To help build their capacity as a community? To give his children an even brighter future?

To make this a reality, it’s my job to build Engineers in Action into an organization that can stand the test of time, just like the tanks and wells we install. In honor of World Water Day 2017, I personally ask that you set up a recurring donation – of any amount – to provide EIA with monthly, quarterly or annual support. This type of funding stream allows us to better plan for our future, and for Ruben’s.

Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do for our organization! We would be lost without you.

Rod Beadle
Executive Director
Engineers in Action

Get Involved! 
Today is an entire day dedicated to raising awareness for the global water epidemic. Here are some ideas to help you get involved:
  • Forward this email
    • Send this to your contacts with a personal note about why you care, why you donated or why you support EIA!
  • Share on social media
    • Find us on Facebook and share one of our posts, or use your own preferred social platform, to let others know about World Water Day!
  • Join us for a trip
  • Make a change
    • Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth, use what’s left in that water glass on your nightstand to water your plants, cut your shower time down or check this list for 100+ other ways to help conserve water.
  • Make a donation
    • No matter the size, every donation makes a big impact on how many people Engineers in Action can help. Plus, our World Water Day matching fund means every $1 you donate is $2 to support EIA!
    • Donate here: bit.ly/EIAWWD


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