Six Books for Future Bridge Builders

Posted on: June 24, 2020

Julie Allen, Educator, Researcher and Executive Director

Our month-long celebration of bridge building has been an inspiration. From the stories of communities forever changed by an EIA bridge to the people who make it happen, we have been on a journey of hope.

More times than I can count, photos of our bridges around the world have prompted the question, “How did they do that?”  

Simple answer? Great Engineering and Great Engineers.

Although we don’t know exactly what and where we’ll be building in 20 years, we do know that we will need gifted and passionate engineers to meet the challenges of the future.

To inspire the next generation of EIA builders and leaders, here are 6 of my favorite “bridge” titles for our youngest followers.  

A Book of Bridges: Here to There and Me to You

Cheryl Keely and illustrator Celia Krampion introduce readers to bridges of all kinds, in places around the world. Whether they be big bridges or small, this book helps us see that the true purpose of a bridge is to bring people together. Readers ages 5-8.

Tinyville Town Gets to Work! 

When a town needs a bridge, everyone gets to work. And like the bridges that EIA builds, this one is the result of a whole town coming together to improve their community. By Abrams Appleseed. Readers ages 3-5.

How Do Bridges Not Fall Down

If you’ve ever been with a kid who can’t cross a bridge without asking , “Why doesn’t it fall down?” this is a must for your reading list.  Author and illustrator Jennifer Shand and Srimalie Bassani provide the basics of architecture and engineering through a well-balanced combination of photos, diagrams and engaging text. Readers ages 7-10.

Bridges Are to Cross 

A truly global exploration of bridges and how each one, no matter its size or purpose, reflects our culture and values.  The design and engineering of each featured bridge is creatively illustrated through a combination of drawing, painting and three-dimensional papercut pictures.  Readers ages 4-8 (but this is a beautiful addition to any bridge-lovers collection) By Philemon Struges.

Building Bridges 

Hands-on projects for learning how bridges are made. Accessible text, color photographs and well-built “lessons” that include key terms and an overview of bridge types. Written by civil engineer Tammy Enz and a part of the series Young Engineers, for readers ages 7-8  

Pop’s Bridge 

When it was completed in 1937, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was hailed as an international marvel. Eve Bunting’s fictional account of its construction celebrates the ingenuity and courage of every person who helped raise this majestic icon. The story is supported by the creative illustrations of C.F. Payne, bringing to life the truth that when people come together they can accomplish just about anything. Readers 4-7

All of these titles are available at Amazon. When you order, don’t forget to log in to Amazon Smile and support Engineers in Action with your purchase.