Engineering Week: People and Problems

Feb 22, 2023 | EIA Updates, News

In celebration of National Engineering Week we asked our board members and staff to share their thoughts on, “What makes engineering a great profession?”

Not surprisingly, “Getting to use math and physics” or “doing mountains of paperwork” were not mentioned, but what each response did have in common was that the best thing about being an engineer was the privilege of solving problems and as a result, getting to positively impact another person’s life.

“You get to solve complex problems every day that have an impact on people’s lives.” Brandon Johnson, Board Member

“Engineering touches people’s lives every single day. It provides safety, access, and increased wellbeing for people in their everyday environments. Brittany Margritz, Eswatini Bridge Program Manager

“The challenge of designing something that will benefit others.” Steve Guy, Board President

“Problem-solving and service to others.” Frances Fierst, Board Member

At Engineers in Action, our volunteers, donors, staff, and leadership work together to help communities solve the infrastructure challenges that can improve their health, increase their educational outcomes, stabilize or expand economic opportunity, and ensure their safety. Which is by any measure, great!


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