Bridge Program Kicks Off Building Season With Industry Partners

Apr 10, 2023 | EIA Updates

Bridge building season has arrived in Bolivia! Later this month, professional volunteers from our partners at PCL Construction and JHL Constructors will join our local Bolivia team in the construction of a suspended pedestrian bridge for the community of Coilolo in the municipality of Zudañez.

The proposed project is in an agricultural sector that has historically been extremely isolated. The existing Coilolo River separates the population to be served from a road that travels to the regional center of Zudañez, which offers markets, health care, secondary education, and employment opportunities.

Seasonal floods remain high enough to impede crossing by the young and elderly and sharply limit farmers’ ability to move goods to the market, preventing the full economic and development potential available from being realized.

Coilolo River flooded during the rainy season.

Once completed, the Río Coilolo pedestrian bridge will span approximately 61 meters across the Coilolo River, ensuring year-round safe access to education, health care, markets, and employment opportunities. A total of 800 individuals from two communities will be served from the project.

This is the first bridge JHL Constructors is partnering with EIA on, and this is the third consecutive project for EIA partner PCL Construction.

Professional volunteers from the Río Sapse bridge completed in 2022 with members from PCL Construction and SYSTRA International Bridge Technologies.

EIA Board Member and PCL Director of Business Development Patrick Malone notes, “my personal experience in constructing footbridges from a senior leadership position is a complete re-engagement with the field. It was about reconnecting with hands on construction, that was a re-awakening of why I got into the industry!”

Partnering with EIA by participating in its Industry Program provides companies and engineering & construction professionals with an opportunity to engage their skills and expertise to impact communities in developing countries.

If you or your company is interested in learning more about participating on an industry bridge build, please visit There are still opportunities available to partner with EIA on a project later this fall! You can also contact EIA’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Steven Mezzacappa, directly with any questions via email at

Please join us in wishing a safe and successful project for all involved!




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