Chlorination Project Brings Safer Water to nearly 15,000 in Bolivia

Dec 1, 2023 | News

Each year over two billion people consume contaminated drinking water and 1.5 million people die from related diseases.

In Bolivia the probability of dying by age 5 is 24.69 in 1,000. Some of this mortality is due to the lack of access to safe, drinkable water.

Chlorination is a low-cost, high impact intervention that has been found to be effective in reducing the concentration of diarrheal pathogens like E.coli. Thanks to a gracious gift from a US donor and friend, communities in rural Bolivia will be at much less risk when chlorination stations are installed.

The project began with the FIEA team hitting the road to make visits to prospective communities and determine where chlorination systems were the best solution and to determine the capacity of the community to manage this new system.


Photo: Inspecting the Water Storage Tank at Zamora.

From these assessments, two municipalities and six communities were identified. They include the municipalities of Santiago De Callapa and San Lorenzo and the communities of Atahuallani, Tahuallani, Culli Culli, Eucaliptus, Huanocollo, Llojlla Grande, Pacharia, and Yucka.

FIEA engineers are now at work preparing designs that will fit with each community’s existing water storage configuration and as they are completed, installation will begin.


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