A 36-hour Fast from all food and caffeinated drinks can be a very large challenge. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  • Choose your time wisely! It is much easier to Fast beginning around 7:00pm one day, through the entire 24 hours of the next day, and break your fast at ‘break-fast’ at 7:00am the following day. (Or 8:00pm to following 8:00am, or 9 to 9). This way you are sleeping twice during those 36 hours, including the last tough hours before you break the fast. Going from 7:00am through 7;00pm the following day is much harder! Those last 6-7 hours in the afternoon are killer. Much better to be asleep during those hours.
  • Drink a lot of water! While it fills the stomach, more importantly it will prevent you from becoming dehydrated, which can lead to dizziness, unclear thinking, headaches and many other problems. (This is especially true if you follow David’s example and make the foul-looking concoction of water, brown food coloring and pepper to simulate contaminated water during the fast. It is even more important that you drink it!)
  • Do the fast during a time when you aren’t doing heavy athletic activities. You will be surprised how little energy you may have.
  • If you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, you will likely get severe headaches. You may want to take some Excedrin when the headaches start. It has caffeine in it.
  • When you ‘break-fast’ DON’T OVEREAT! Many folks are not able to keep the food down if they over eat. Eat a normal meal at a restaurant with friends. Then go home and an hour later eat again if you want to. And many folks find the less spicy the food is, the less likely they are to ‘lose it’.
  • Spending some time in reflection is especially good during meal times. Instead of grumbling about not eating, spend that time reflecting on those who go with safe food or safe water every day, not just for 36 hours. If you are spiritual, this is an especially good time to do you devotions. (We have provided one for the beginning of the fast, and one toward the end.)
  • Send out social media announcements about how you are doing. People are interested and may contribute, even if they already have.

Have fun and learn from your time of identifying with the poor.