Suggestions for emails to your friends, family, colleagues:

  • Personalize and individualize as much as possible. People respond to an email from you to them more then a ‘blast’ from you to a 100 people.
  • If you have fasted previously, be sure to especially invite previous donors and thank them for their support in previous years.
  • Set a goal. Friends/family/colleagues will help you reach it. ~$600 pays salary and benefits for an engineer for 1/2 month. $1,200 for a month.
  • Use one or more bullet points, pictures, video links to liven up your email.
  • Send multiple emails out beginning 3 weeks ahead of time. People often decide they will donate, but put it off and forget.

Quick facts about EIA:

  • 90,000 – the number of lives improved by EIA in 2014
  • 5 – the number of Bolivian engineers on Staff
  • 21 – the number of projects/communities we are in
  • $2.60,- the amount of cash, donated engineering design and labor that goes directly into a community for every $1 donated to EIA.

Photos you could use:

Clean Water Fast


children and water

working with the kids






Video Links:

Engineers in Action: Helping Engineers Change the World:

In the Yellow Whirlwind: Recovering the Juckucha River: https//