Fast with Us                                                              Sponsor a Faster

Water is Life! We invite you to join our 2016 #CleanWaterFast. This year’s event will begin on the evening of Thursday, October 13th and will continue through the morning of Saturday, October 15th.

The Clean Water Fast allows us to experience, for a short time, what it is like to live in poverty and hunger. Fasters refrain from eating food and drinks, except water, for 36 hours.

Fasters can invite their friends, family, and others to sponsor them to support EIA’s critical programs and operations. For partner organizations, like Engineers Without Borders teams, half of the money raised will be credited towards your fees for you next trip.

Participation is easy! Click on the FAST WITH BUTTON above to set up your own, online donation page, and then ask your friends, family, and colleagues to sponsor you.

In addition, here are other resources to help you gather support:

Sample Donor Sign-up Form – This form can be used to track commitments and donations received directly and for those who would rather fundraise in person instead of online.

Social Media Guide – Suggested posts, timeline and tactics to help your campaign gain awareness on social media channels, especially Facebook.

Sample Email Support Request – This is a sample email that you can send to friends, family, and others to help raise support and to direct them to your donation website.

Advice for Fasters

EIA Brochure – This is our latest brochure that can be given to potential donors.