EIA has worked primarily with Engineers Without Borders teams since our beginning. We also work with various other engineering university teams. However, we’ve received a lot inquiries about EIA forming our own Engineering Volunteer Teams in addition to the EWB and University teams.

This is still in the development stage, but here’s our current ideas:

  • Projects to be completed will be water, sanitation, irrigation or other infrastructure projects similar to our current projects.
  • EIA Volunteer Teams will work with EIA Staff and the local community to do Assessment, Design, and Implementation of the project. This will involve several trips to Bolivia by the team, not necessarily all by the same persons. We would hope for more than one trip per year, to accelerate the completion of the projects.
  • Teams will also be expected to raise up to $30,000 for materials and drilling costs. We will also expect some funding from local governments and community members.
  • Teams will be made up from professional engineers, architects, Public health professionals, fund-raisers, and labor volunteers willing to work hard. Individuals can come from across the country, or all from one company, church or region.

We can also envision three different ‘types’ of EIA teams:

  • EIA Teams – Made up of professional who volunteer from across the country.
  • “Church H20 Teams” – These teams will do similar work as listed above, but with an additional ‘spiritual dimension’. The teams would work on projects identified by the Evangelical Methodist Church in Bolivia. The teams will interact and worship with the local church members as well as the general population of the village. Devotional leadership will be shared by the team and the local Bolivian Methodist pastor.
  • Rotary H2O Teams – These teams will work similarly as the above teams, but also partner directly with Rotary #4690 (Bolivia) and the local Rotary Clubs on projects. Project location will be determined by a joint Rotary #4690/EIA project selection committee.

At this point, these are just ideas that we hope to implement in 2016. One of our big questions is, ‘How much interest is there for such teams?’ If you would be interested, please fill out the form below.