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Join EIA’s global network of doers, leaders and changemakers.

Together we can build resilient communities and lasting change for the people who need it most.

Corporate Engagement

EIA offers a comprehensive platform to help companies promote their values, foster a positive culture, recruit top talent and impact the world for the better. We welcome corporate partners from all industry sectors – matching your interests to communities-in-need.

Collegiate Programs

Our university partnerships provide students with comprehensive, top-of-class experiential education and service-learning experiences. With 23 bridge chapters, a WASH-focused immersion program and other opportunities, there is no better way for young professionals to apply what they’ve learned, grow their networks, and help build a better world.

Interns and Fellows

Interns and Fellows contribute to EIA projects and initiatives through meaningful applied learning and career development activities while placed in the US, Latin America or in Eswatini, Africa.


EIA works in partnership with organizations and teams to deliver critical infrastructure to underserved communities. We provide our partners with a wide range of services and with our in-country offices, ensure the highest level experience.


Connect your church family with our global one through our unique faith-focused mission boxes, or pair your church with a community, school or sister church for a longer-term relationship to help fund and build a specific project.

Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer leaders are a driving force in our organization, sharing their energy and their expertise in support of our mission. Board leadership, committee appointments, and other impactful roles, provide an opportunity to contribute to your community and change lives in a palpable way.

Meet our Volunteers & Partners

“My internship at EIA helped bring my education to life, as it allowed me to see full-circle how what I learned in school is used to construct real projects that make an invaluable difference in people’s lives.”

– Karina Subieta, Intern

“Through our interaction on our projects, we have taken the right step to use our skills to improve the lives of over 13,000 community members in developing countries.

“Beyond this, our returning staff members have come back with new technical, leadership and critical thinking skills that help improve their ability serve our local communities.”

– Patrick Malone, Director of Business Development, Civil Division, PCL Construction

“Being a part of the leadership at EIA has given me the opportunity to marry my professional skills to my passions. It is an immensely rewarding experience that brings me closer to the international community.”

– Brandon Johnson, Board of Directors

“After this project, I think of myself as a more competent engineer and feel that my social skills have improved significantly. My world view has been shifted to better appreciate other cultures and other ways of life. I also feel more open to new, difficult and challenging experiences.

“The project confirmed my desire to work in the field of public or private infrastructure. This was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it and the work EIA does.”

– Ryan Costello Alberta Bridge Chapter