EIA wants to get its story out in the public, and build support where ever we can find it. Rod Beadle, Executive Director, lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Rev. David Stephenson, Assistant Executive Director, lives in Tulsa Oklahoma. Both are willing to travel to tell people about the exciting work of EIA and challenge folks to join us in our work. They will go anywhere, especially if they can string multiple speaking engagements in the same location in a short time span.

They have spoken to Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and other civic organizations. They’ve also spoken at gatherings of various engineering professional societies such as Oklahoma Society of Professional Engineers, Society of American Military Engineers, American Society of Civil Engineers and Pipeliners Association.

They have also spoken at both United Methodist and Lutheran Churches. And they are open to speaking at any church. They have preached on Mission Sunday Mornings Worship, spoken to Church Missions committees, Women’s and Men’s groups and Sunday School classes.

If you have a group, or better yet several groups, in your area that you believe would be interested in inviting Rod or David to come and speak, anywhere in the country, please let us know. We will work with you on dates and times.

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