With the wonders of the internet, you can sit in on committee meetings and assist with the work of Engineers in Action, from anywhere in the world. We are especially looking for the following help:

  • Updating and improving our Website. This is a continual job and would involve talking to our engineers to get updates on their projects and writing for the webpage.
  • Help write our new e-Newsletter. Join a small team that prepares an e-Newsletter 4 times a year. We want articles on: ‘Featured Project” , “Short updates on all projects”, “Get to know your Engineers: a short interview of a EIA engineer; “News from Bolivia” – A brief article with links talking about the general news about Bolivia such as Political issues, economic issues or other – “Touring Bolivia” – an article on the ‘fun’ things to see and do when in Bolivia. If you would be willing to skype Bolivia and then write one of these articles, we’d appreciate it.
  • Edit and Improve Videos and our YouTube Channel. We have many videos that we haven’t “published” yet because they are unedited. We also need to clean up our YouTube Channel and make it more user friendly and interesting. Are you interested?
  • Update and Improve our Facebook Page. Improve the “look” of our Facebook page and contact staff and volunteers to see that we get regular posts to Facebook, including pictures, stories and news.

If you are interested in learning more about one of these volunteer positions, contact us by filling out the short form below.

Thanks for your support of Engineers in Action.