Water is life. For most of us, water seems cheap and plentiful and we take it for granted. Yet, every day, billions of less fortunate people living on the fringes are forced to drink from contaminated sources and to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to gather water for their families and livestock.

Engineers in Action (EIA) is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of vulnerable communities in Latin America. We work in partnership with local communities to increase access to water and infrastructure, building their capacity and resilience. This helps ensure the long term sustainability of the new systems.

Setting the Groundwork for Success: Selection Process

We are rooted in a firm belief that all lives are precious. We respect the dignity of all human beings regardless of their economic, educational, or political capital.

Rather than telling communities what we are going to do for them, we first ask what they believe their primary needs and priorities should be. We then work to connect resources and supporting organizations to help them meet those needs.

Many international non-profits come to the developing world hoping to make a difference. Sadly, few evaluate the true needs of the communities they seek to serve. Even fewer return to follow up on their investments which, really, are the community members themselves.

EIA’s approach is much different. We hire engineers and professional staff from Latin America to administer and implement our programs. They speak the same language and come from the same cultures as the communities we serve.

Sustainable Roots in the Community

Just as importantly, we select community partners not only based on the level of need but also community attitudes and capacities as well.
Because we live and work in the same region that we serve, we are able to maintain effective communications and to follow up to ensure our programs remain viable over the long term.

We have concentrated on improving community health through water and sanitation programs but we have also expanded to include hygiene education, agricultural programs, rural bridges, and even playgrounds.

Help us build a world where clean water isn’t a luxury

We invite you to support our important work through financial donations or by participating in one of our diverse volunteer team opportunities.

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