Engineers in Action is a fairly young organization dedicated to increasing the capacity of individuals and families across Latin America. In 2016, our projects and programs touched the lives of 4,534 people in 30 communities across Bolivia. In 2017, we plan to expand that reach even further.

Program types:


  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Bridges & Structures
  • Playgrounds
  • Community Improvement

We set ourselves apart from other organizations by ensuring investments and implementations are committed to the right communities at the right time. We use a model developed by EIA’s own staff to identify ideal communities: ones in need with a commitment to the long term success of our work. This model of efficiency helps us focus our dollars, time and expertise on the most beneficial and permanent impact. To learn more about our ABCD model or request our executive director for a speaking opportunity, click here.

Most importantly: we invest in the people we serve. Eco latrines and sanitary drinking water have a huge impact on community health, but providing training to community members increases their own capacity. While they gain the skills to maintain their implementations, they grow their own knowledge base for a better future for the community.

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