Engineers in Action has connected indigenous communities with dedicated Engineers throughout Bolivia. We’re currently working to create solutions for these community requests.

Over the last four years, Canadian Rotary Clubs have spent over $1 million and drilled over 200 water wells in the Chiquitano Rainforest Preserve area in Eastern Bolivia. However, 50 of them are already inoperable due to malfunction and lack of maintenance… (click to continue)

The EWB-Oklahoma East Professional Chapter is interested in developing an Eco-latrine Project. They did a Pre-Assessment trip in January 2009 and selected this project from others that we offered.
They will do their Site Assessment trip in May, and begin their construction phase in September, 2009… (click to continue)

Erquis Sur

Habitat for Humanity is creating a new community near the large city of Tarija in Southern Bolivia. This community will have 100 homes, built by Habitat for Humanity, and will be placed in a planned community near Tarija…(click to continue)

The Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds at the Civil Engineering Department (CREW) at the University of Oklahoma is partnering with EIA to research and do a test run on using a ‘wetlands’ system for cleaning up the waste water which flows out of heavy metal mines in Bolivia. . (click to continue)


Located in a steep valley area south of La Paz, this village is rather inaccessible to the city. EWB-MST is doing its assessment trip in August to look into building a foot bridge across the valley, which will provide access to the city for health issues and which will allow produce to be carried across to sell in La Paz… (click to continue)