Cotani is located in the valleys near Cochabamba. This village of 50 or so families has a health clinic provided by the Bolivian Methodist Church, and some ‘improved’ water, though not really “potable”.

The community, led by the health nurse at the clinic, asked EIA for help in building eco-latrines. EIA found a chapter willing to take up this project; in our own backyard.

The EWB-Oklahoma East Professional Chapter, also located in Tulsa and with many crossover members between EIA and EWB-Oklahoma East was immediately interested in developing this project. an Eco-latrine Project. With the help of University of Tulsa (EWB-TU) they did a pre-Assessment trip in January 2009 and an official Assessment trip in May of 2009. In November of 2009 they had their first implementation trip and completed 6 latrines. The community (after doing some additional unfinished work on the latrines) invited the EIA staff to come for celebration of the opening of the latrines. In August 2010, the team built 2 more latrines.  

University of Tulsa in Cotani

EWB-TU traveled to Cotani in March of 2011 to work on solar heated water – showers and hand-washing stations. They were able to heat the water to 131.5 degrees Fahrenheit when the air temperature was only 47.1 degrees. This came as a big surprise, as estimated calculations were only to raise the temperature to 80 degrees. The sun is much more intense at 12,000 ft!

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