These are projects that have been completed, but that we continue to maintain.


In 1993, the Tulsa Southside Rotary Club drilled the second potable water well in the entire Altiplano (High Plain) area of Bolivia. In 1999, an elder of the village said that before the well was drilled, 20-30 children died each year. Since 1993, only 2-3 children die each year. He believes that the total credit belongs to the well. In fact, he said that clean water has meant more to the health of the village and saved more lives than any doctor ever could… (click to continue)

Rio Colorado

The Boarding School at Rio Colorado is located in the Amazon Rainforest area of eastern Bolivia. It is approximately 100 miles from the electrical grid. The School houses 250 students, 6 days a week for 10 months a year… (click to continue)