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When water is unsafe for consumption, we install systems to clean it.

If water access is an issue, we build the structures that capture, store and distribute it.

When water is the solution for poor nutrition, or to develop vital new sources of income, we develop micro-irrigation systems.

Where poor sanitation and hygiene threatens health and prosperity, our engineers and volunteers build facilities like lavatories and hand washing stations in schools and churches and educate communities about healthy hygiene practices, reducing water-borne disease.

Where water can become dangerous, we build bridges to cross safely over it so access to health care, school and employment is possible year-round.

“I’m often asked, ‘What does EIA build?’ One of our board members likes to say, ‘EIA does water.’ I love that description because in just three words it encapsulates the wide range of projects that we design and implement with communities.

“EIA does indeed do water – for the communities that need it the most.”

– Julie Allen, Executive Director

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