Engineers in Action is currently serving the following community programs in Bolivia. Projects are divided into five categories: water, sanitation, structures, community impact and other. To view details of a specific project, click on it.


  1. Atlanta Professionals EWB in Cerro Verde, Ecuador
  2. Chicagoland Professionals EWB in Torewa, Bolivia
  3. EIA Volunteers/IEMB in Timusi, Bolivia
  4. Gateway Professionals EWB in Komucala, Bolivia
  5. Guy Engineering in Suriqui, Bolivia
  6. Indianapolis EWB Professionals in Comuna Guangaje, Ecuador
  7. Missouri University S&T EWB in Puerto Pando, Bolivia
  8. Missouri University S&T EWB in Los Eucaliptos, Bolivia
  9. North Texas Professionals EWB in Culli Culli Alto, Bolivia
  10. Portland, Maine Professionals EWB in El Progreso, Ecuador
  11. Santa Barbara Venture Professionals EWB in El Muyuyo, Ecuador
  12. Southern Methodist University EWB in Llojlla Grande, Bolivia
  13. South Florida University EWB in Teneria Manzanani, Bolivia
  14. Southern Illinois University EWB in Janko Marcka, Bolivia
  15. University of Alaska, Anchorage EWB in Paja Colorada, Ecuador
  16. University of Florida EWB in Alpaca, Bolivia
  17. University of Idaho Student EWB in Carani, Bolivia
  18. University of Kansas EWB in Colani, Bolivia
  19. University of Minnesota EWB in Yulo, Bolivia
  20. University of New Mexico EWB in Tacuaral Del Matto, Bolivia


  1. EWB USA in Teneria Manzanani, Bolivia
  2. UMCOR Health Promotion in Yulo, Calcha and Aripalca, Bolivia
  3. University of California Davis EWB in Choquecoa, Bolivia
  4. University of Kansas EWB in Azacilo, Bolivia
  5. University of Tulsa EWB in Machacamarca, Bolivia


  1. Cornell University EWB in Calcha, Bolivia


  1. University of Memphis EWB in Piquinani, Bolivia
  2. University of Oklahoma in Azacilo and Colani, Bolivia


  1. Biomoist & Saint Francis University in Kumarana, Bolivia