Our Team

We are a team of connectors, facilitators, and champions.

We are also experienced engineers, managers, and innovators who are passionate about working as partners with communities to bring to life the structures and systems that support their health and resilience.

Our Board

Guy Engineering, Retired

Xylem Digital Solutions Group

USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance

Beltzer Bangert & Gunnell LLP

Langan Engineering & Environmental Services

Explorer Pipeline, Retired

STEPHAN GUY, President
ONEOK, INC. Retired

Synergistic Consulting Services

MIRO KURKA, Governance Committee Chairperson
Mead & Hunt

PATRICK MALONE, Vice President
Civil Division – PCL Construction

MALLORY MEAD, Advancement Committee Chairperson
Strategic Communications – PCL Construction

Civil Infrastructure – PCL Construction, Retired

Steiner Systems, Retired

Bureau of Land Management National Operations Center

Our Leadership

Julie Allen

Julie Allen

Executive Director

Carlos Ernesto Aguilera

Carlos Ernesto Aguilera

Director of Operations - Ecuador

Carlos Augusto Valdez Beltran

Carlos Augusto Valdez Beltran

Director of Operations - Bolivia

Ethan Gingerich

Ethan Gingerich

Bridge Program Director

“Safety, dignity, health, and hope… these are things I get to work for every day.”

– Julie Allen, Executive Director

Bolivia Team

The FIEA Bolivia staff is a multidisciplinary team that over the years has gained the capacity and ability to fully understand serve our partner communities. The administration and operative staff share one common feeling of the work that we do: to improve the living conditions of the people that need it. In our work we do face different problems but working as a team enables us to overcome and accomplish our goals.

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Bridge Program

In addition to being really good at building bridges, connecting communities, and empowering our volunteers to be global change-makers, our Bridge Program staff are also just really cool people.

Despite the fact that we spend our free time doing drastically different things (e.g., ultimate frisbee, extreme rock climbing, cliff jumping, playing in musical bands, gourmet cooking and gardening, publishing books), we still love hanging out together whenever we get the chance. It’s even more rewarding to pursue a common mission when you’re doing it with friends.

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Ecuador Team

We are committed to rural and sustainable development and meeting the needs that exist in our country. Our team enjoys working with people – especially the opportunity to share in their knowledge, understanding of life, and their beautiful culture, which is something we should all learn from.

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Meet our Team Members

“Bridge building has provided me with both the most challenging and most rewarding experiences of my life, and it’s such a blessing that my job is to continue making that opportunity available for generations of students to come.”

– Ethan Gingerich, Bridge Program Director

“I have the opportunity to apply all my skills to find solutions and funding to provide water for families that do not have access to it, to implement infrastructure that will improve their lack of income, and to build sanitation systems that will avoid future diseases, especially children below 5 years old.”

– Carlos Augusto Valdez, Director of Operations, Bolivia

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