“EIA: We Don’t Build the Wells, We Build the Partnerships that Build the Wells, and make them Sustainable”

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Testimonial for EIA from EWB-Missouri University of Science and Technology         Aug. 26,2010

Based on two trips to Tacachia, Bolivia with the EWB-Missouri S&T student chapter, I have nothing but praise for EIA.  Without the professional and volunteer staff at EIA, our efforts to help the community would probably be futile.  Months before our implementation trip, the staff traveled to Tacachia to gather water samples for analysis to help us design water treatment; weeks before we traveled, Ruben Mamani was on Skype with our team leader often, discussing materials available in Bolivia so the designs could be implemented.  Days before our trip, EIA purchased and pre-positioned those materials.  This meant that our dozen students were able to have an impact:  they started building water filters, installing ram pumps, surveying, and began work on sedimentation basins within a day of arrival.  During our time in Tacachia, our team would have been unable to meet the community’s needs if we did not have Ruben, Gilber, Pablo, and Jacob with us.  Not only do they translate, but they manage to convey the meaning of the student’s comments and questions, and to convey back to us what the community need and wants.  EIA provides tremendous support “in-country” for us, and working with the staff magnifies our ability to assist the community.  Many thanks to EIA; it’s tremendous to see Ruben’s smiling face at the airport when we arrive, and to see that same smile when we are leaving, and to know that smile is backed by excellent, competent support.

Mark Fitch, EWB-S&T Faculty Mentor

9 Engineers Without Borders US Chapters:

  • EWB-Missouri University of Science and Technology – Inca Catarapi, Rio Colorado, Carabucco, Erquis Sud, Tacachia – Dr. Richard Stephenson, Chapter Advisor – stephens@mst.edu Emily Pasch, Student Project Manager – Erquis Sud ekpnpb@mst.edu Matt Schulz, Student Project Manager -Tacachia mjsn83@mst.edu
  • EWB-Oklahoma East Professional Chapter – Cotani – Rebecca Ward, Former President – Rebecca@guyengr.com
  • EWB-Colorado Springs Professional Chapter – Suncallo – John Marcotte – Chapter President –  jdmarcotte@gmail.com
  • EWB-Purdue University – Papachacra
  • EWB- Florida University – Cachitambo
  • EWB- University of California-Davis – Sorata
  • EWB-Oklahoma University – Kumurana Mine
  • EWB-Norwich University – Papapatani
  • EWB-Blue Ridge Professionals – Pompoyo
  • EWB-USA – Tracy Beavers – Southeast and South Central (US) Regional Director of Chapter Relations tracy.beavers@ewb-usa.org

–Engineers Without Borders International Chapter – Dresden Germany – Zamora

— The Center for the Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds – Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences – University of Oklahoma – Kumurana Mine Waste Water Project – Dr. Robert Nairn nairn@ou.edu

— Foundation for the Preservation of the Chiquitano Forest – Chiquitano Safe Water Project – Stan Rosholt, Project Managerstan@fcbc.org.bo

Habitat for Humanity-Bolivia – Erquis Sud

–Dozens of  Rotary Clubs

  • Skiatook, Oklahoma
  • Tulsa Southside
  • Norman, Oklahoma
  • many many others in US
  • Consortium of Canadian Rotary Clubs
  • Miraflores, La Paz
  • Potosi, Bolivia
  • Tarija, Bolivia
  • Santa Cruz, Bolivia

— The Japanese International Cooperation Agency – Kumurana and others

— The Bolivian Government

  • The Office of the President
  • The Program to Eradicate Extreme Poverty
  • Department (State) Governments of Potosi, Santa Cruz, and Cochabamba
  • 10-15 Municipal (County) Governments

— The United Methodist Committee on Relief – Funding for Engineer Milton de la Cruz

— Numerous local churches