Project Name: Ancoraimes School Design of Sanitation Infrastructure Improvements

  • Destination: Ancoraimes, Bolivia
  • Project Type: Design of sanitation and water improvements
  • Project Leader: Luz Hurtado
  • Project Duration: 10 days
  • Possible dates: July 22 – 30, 2017
  • Approximate cost: $1,600 (cost does not include airfare and visa)
  • Deposit required: A $250 deposit is required upon selection
  • 5 Technical positions available:
    • 1 Civil Engineer or similar with background related to sanitary system
    • 1 Civil Engineer or similar with background related to structural construction
    • 1 Civil Engineer or similar, general experience
    • 1 AutoCAD experience
    • 1 Architect or related

Nearly 300 students and their teachers at Ancoraimes Methodist School lack access to clean, reliable water sources and adequate sanitation facilities. The current system provides no more than three hours of flow per day. Unfortunately, the little water they can access has is contaminated and can cause sickness. The existing latrines are too few and in very poor condition, causing additional health problems. EIA is partnering with the Bolivian United Methodist Church to implement a reliable, effective solution that will permanently relieve the infrastructure and health problems of students and teachers. Read a full project description here.

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