Timusi Water Mainline Implementation

  • Destination: Timusi, Bolivia
  • Project Type: Water System Repairs
  • Project Leader: Juan Antonio Chinchilla
  • Project Duration: 14 days
  • Possible dates: October, 2017
  • Approximate cost: $1,600 (cost does not include airfare or visa)
  • Deposit: A $250 deposit is required upon selection
  • 3 Civil Engineer positions available:
    • Civil Engineer or similar background in water system construction and supervision needed
  • 17 non-technical positions available:
    • No professional skills required, must be able to walk up to 2 hours straight

Work side-by-side with indigenous village members in rural Bolivia to repair a damaged water distribution system. The community members are eager to gain access to reliable, safe water and are excited to meet their project team members that will help them achieve this dream. Spend nearly two weeks living in Timusi alongside village members, fully integrating into their everyday life and enriching your experience with their beautiful culture. EIA staff will lead the team as you learn new skills repairing a water distribution system. Read a full description with technical information here.

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