Engineers in Action invites you to join them for World Water Day 2017 on March 22, a UN-designated day dedicated to raising awareness of the global water crisis. EIA is committed to working long-term in rural South America to eradicate the many issues tied to water needs, from education inequality to water-borne illnesses.

Make a donation now to help us ensure our mission is a reality for the thousands of individuals we serve.


Thanks to our generous matching fund donors, every $1 you donate is doubled!

For World Water Day 2017, we are focusing on three key programs currently in need of your help: Llojlla Grande, Timusi and Los Eucaliptos. These three communities are currently suffering the ill effects of the global water crisis. With your donation, Engineers in Action will be able to ensure children like Reuben, pictured above, will have accessible, safe water for many years to come.

Engineers in Action is focused on sustainable answers to common problems found in these communities, including contaminated, depleted and distant water sources that result in a number of issues. With our model, we ensure that the solutions we implement will have a positive impact on community members for at least 10 years, in turn creating a more impactful investment of your donation.

Will you donate for World Water Day and support Engineers in Action? For every dollar you donated, two are donated to Engineers in Action, thanks to our generous matching fund donors! Be sure your dollars are doubled by donating now.

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      • Stop for a moment and consider how easy it is for you to get a drink of water when you’re thirsty. Now consider the 663 million people across the globe that consider this a luxury and often spend hours of their day trekking to distant sources only to find them depleted and contaminated. I’m making a donation to @Engineers in Action for World Water Day March 22 so that they can continue bringing aid to so many in rural South America. Will you join me?
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      • Dear [Insert name],
        Did you know more than 663 million people live without a safe water supply? You and I are so lucky to have the ability to walk to our kitchen and simply turn on the tap to get access to clean, flowing water. What is considered a most basic need here, often not given a second thought by many, is simply not a reality for so many around the globe. That’s why I will be donating to Engineers in Action on March 22 for World Water Day.Engineers in Action is a wonderful organization that works in South America to provide services and infrastructure that bring accessible, clean water to rural communities in need. EIA maintains these programs indefinitely, ensuring the dollars invested have a long-term impact. With permanent offices in Bolivia and Ecuador, they are able to regularly visit the communities they serve, creating relationships and maintaining programs for a holistic, positive impact.

        Will you join me in support of EIA for World Water Day 2017? Any donation to Engineers in Action is sincerely appreciated. You can donate online by clicking here: or learn more by clicking here: To set up alternative donation arrangements, email Brooke Myers at or call 918.218.9367.

        Thank you for joining me for World Water Day 2017!