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Many communities throughout the world struggle daily with basic quality of life issues; potable water, sanitation, roads, bridges, dams, electricity and other luxuries we take for granted. Thousands of Bolivian Children die each day from diarrhea and other water-born diseases.  —    Engineers in Action helps facilitate sustainable solutions to meet these urgent needs.

“We don’t build the wells, we build the partnerships that build the wells.”

Click for a 90 second video

Click for a 90 second video

Our native Bolivian engineers travel to local communities to identify needs, developing project proposals for water pumps, wells, eco-latrines, bridges, waste treatment, irrigation and other projects. And then we bring together powerful partnerships between US groups like Engineers Without Borders, US Rotary Groups, and US Engineering Universities; along with organizations in Bolivia such as Habitat for Humanity/Bolivia, the Bolivian and/or Japanese Governments support; and most importantly the local community itself to build a powerful coalition to bring a dramatic and PERMANENT improvement in the quality of life for these the poorest of the poor.

Logistical support services

We support US engineering teams traveling to Bolivia from the moment they step off the plane. Our full-time staff provides the tools, housing, and logistical support to complete these crucial projects.

Sustainability – our most critical support for you

Engineers Without Borders Chapters, US Rotary Clubs, US Schools of Engineering, all struggle with Sustainability issues. Training a couple of young, intelligent, aggressive young men in the community in how to properly operate a piece of infrastructure and how to maintain it is simply not enough! What happens to young, intelligent, aggressive you men in these communities? They move to the city, taking their knowledge of usage and maintenance of a piece of equipment with them. Besides, sometimes things break that are beyond simple maintenance issues. What do you do then?  Bolivia and the whole Developing World is littered with well-meaning, well-designed abandoned engineering projects.

Engineers In Action is made up of native Bolivian engineers who will go to the village and train and retrain the villagers on proper usage and maintenance. We make frequent return visits to make sure all is working well. And if something major goes wrong, the community knows to contact us, and we will get it fixed.

Job Opportunity: Marketing and Development Coordinator for Engineers in Action. Click here for more information.

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